Increasing demands for roll formed products that include an increasing number of additional processes cannot be satisfied by roll forming its own. Based on the fact, MTC has been dedicated to the incorporation of extra processes and methods in a roll forming system.

Due to our intensive research and development, our engineering teams always provide reliable solution for incorporation of additional functionalities, which are usually realized by adding embossers, pressing machines, PU foaming machines, laminators or tracking cutoff unit directly into a cold roll former .

Originally founded in 2009, the company was called WUXI MEIXIN International Trading Company. In order to be more internationized, the company has moved to Shanghai since 2012 and used the new name Shanghai MTC Industrial Co.,LTD. Since its establishment, the company has been dedicated to the innovation and integration of roll forming technology.

Been specialized in designing and building roll forming machine, MTC applies the most advanced designing software, like COPRA®,AUTOCAD, SOLIDWORKS in order to ensure the accuracy of the forming rollers. As a supplier of one-stop roll forming solutions, the company integrates cold roll formers and other related equipment, such as punching/pressing machines, embossers, stackers, curving/bending machines and laminators etc.

MTC has a facility around 6000sqm area with 4 sets of saw machines, 4 sets of CNC machines, 5 sets of lathe machines, 3 sets of drilling machines, 2 sets of milling machines, 1 set of metal sheet cutting machine and 1 set of metal sheet bending machine for rough machining and CNC fine machining in house. All rolling tools will be heat treated and chrome-coated in order to ensure the rollers te be hard and smooth enough for eliminating the potential scratches or dents on the final products.

Thanks to the development of technology, the company is now technically capable to simulate the forming process and optimization of roll forming tools now. Besides, MTC is looking to work with international qualified and experienced engineers so as to build cold roll formers with unique technology or as per special requests or standards for special markets.