The key to get a right roll former is

to choose the right supplier!

One-stop rollforming technical solutions here with MTC


Are you in dilemma of choosing from

dozens of delusive roll former suppliers?

Whenever people need to produce cold formed steel products, always roll former is the first option that comes to mind. Before making the investment, people will always consider about 3 things:

How much is the investment?

Whether is the investment worthy or not?

Whethere is the invsetment guaranteed or not?

Well, here at MTC, we have the answer to all your roll forming needs!




MTC is one of leading manufacturer registered in Jinshan District of Shanghai in the year 2009. MTC has been specialized in designing and building roll forming equipment since its establishment and moved most of its business to WUXI of Jiangsu province due to Shanghai Govenment's Environmental Protection policy in May, 2018.

As a reliable manufacturer, MTC is now seated at a 6000 square meters workshop, focused on the innovation of roll forming machine for plenty of applications, like building and construction, solar industry, pallet racking industry and agriculture industry and transportation industry etc. In addition, MTC provides related equipment for roll forming solutions, like embosser, slitter and lamilator etc.

Furthermore, MTC provides one-stop roll forming solutions, and this includes sales consultance, roll forming designing, installation, training and maintaining service.



MTC has been engaged in the designing and development of turnkey solutions almost 20 years for roll forming and insulated panes production lines which includes decoiling, slitting and cut to length,  punching for holes, pressing embossed patterns, insulation materials laminating and auto stacking etc. MTC offers cold roll forming machines or cold roll formers for producing metal roofing, wall cladding, decking sheets, guide rails, steel door components and any custom profiles, and also sandwich panel production lines for producing insulated metal roofing and wall panels.


Roll forming machine usually is always our first choice as long as we need to produce metal sheet or steel section products. A roll forming machine can do automatic jobs of bending, cutting, pressing for holes and slots, and straightening etc.


Sandwich Panel Machine

Insulated sandwich panel production lines produce EPS/Rockwool roofing and wall sandwich panels. MTC is at this moment developing production lines that produce inisulation & decoration integrated PU wall panels.


Auxiliary Equipment

Auxiliary or related equipment are necessary for roll former and sandwich panel line, like hydraulic decoilers (5TONS, 10TONS with a coil car), slitting and cut to length machine line, metal embossing machines and hydraulic curving machines etc.



MTC is pleased to share our latest news and events here with friends, like exhibitions, clients visitation, machine shipping & delivery, installation & commissioning and the updated roll forming technical information.


MTC is going to ship a corrugated sheet roll forming machine to Turkmenistan around Dec.10th. The machine has been ordered at the middle of October and is finished duly. Together with the machine is the order of 20TONS galvanized steel coils.



Whenever you see metal roof of a house or a building you come accross, have you ever wondered how exactly they were made? Do you want to know the manufacturing process? Have you ever heard of any metal roof panel roll forming machine? Well, it's a common and popular roll former for making metal roof panels.



Our dedicated and highly specialized team stands ready to serve you with all the technical assistance you may need to purchase and get the right cold roll former working functionally at your end. Shall you have any questions, you may send them to us via the below box and MTC will provide personalized and prompt assistance for you.