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By rollforming, Mar 12 2019 06:54AM

Roll Forming Machine is an equipment that forms steel coils/strips to desired shapes by feeding the sheets along straight the longitudinal and multiple pairs of continuous rollers without changing the thickness of the material at room temperature.

By rollforming, Dec 29 2018 07:09AM

There are a lot of manufacturers of roll forming machine in mainland China, but many of them just build economic machine, but Taiwan designed metal roof roll forming machine is for manufacturing highly quality metal roofs. MTC has introduced the TAIWAN's technology since 2010s and has about 10 years of experience of manufacturing and exporting roll forming machines to all over the world.

By rollforming, Nov 15 2016 03:31AM

IBR, abbreviated from “Inverted Box Rib”, is a square fluted profile with an effective covering width of 686 mm, designed for the use side cladding or roofing materials in commercial, industrial and residential buildings.

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