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By rollforming, Dec 29 2018 07:09AM

There are a lot of manufacturers of roll forming machine in mainland China, but many of them just build economic machine, but Taiwan designed metal roof roll forming machine is for manufacturing highly quality metal roofs. MTC has introduced the TAIWAN's technology since 2010s and has about 10 years of experience of manufacturing and exporting roll forming machines to all over the world.

By rollforming, Jan 6 2016 06:39AM

Use of roll forming machines is common feature in the construction industry. There are several types of roll forming machines and each of them is used for specific task accomplishment. However it is necessary that the roll forming machine used is qualitative and it can perform the task for which it has been put to use well.

By rollforming, Jul 17 2015 08:08AM

The technology innovations are something which has changed the world in all means. The innovations had made some important changes in all industries with new machineries which can deliver better services for you.

By rollforming, Mar 30 2015 07:53AM

We loaded two sets of IT4 roof panel roll forming machines this morning to two 40'HQ which will be shipped to Angola on the 2nd of April.

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