A cold roll former, also spelled as roll forming machine, is an equipment that produces steel products in designed shapes by roll forming. At the very begining, roll forming equipment was invented for roll forming or folding purpose only and it was other metal processing equipment that helped people for additional processes. With increasing demands for multi-functional roll formed products, people found it was badly inefficient to make different processes separately and everything-in-line was an urgent request. Thanks to the development of roll forming technologies, MTC has successfully incorporated frequently required processes and operations into a roll forming system. Now, the core products MTC is developing and building are cold roll formers, and additional equipment for integration, such as PU foaming machines, Laminators or Insulated Panel machines, embosser, cuvring machines, de-coilers and auto stacker etc.


With rich experience, MTC targets standard cold roll formers not only for producing standard metal sheets, like roofing and wall, steel purlins, stud and tracks etc., but also for making customised steel shapes or profiles. Furthermore, MTC never stops researching for innovative designs of roll formers. For example, a cassette type roll forming machine has been designed to produce multi-profiles via changing different cassettes; width adjustable roll forming machines always produces metal wall panels of different widths; container house section roll forming machines are newly developed for manufacturing steel posts, and cross beams for assembling container houses.

Rollforming is a highly stable and efficient metal fabrication technique which has been applied cross many industries. Thanks to the automation or continuous running, a cold roll former or roll forming machine cannot only provides high quality products, but also decreases the human labour, time and increases the profit of business. Compared to regular metal fabrication equipment, like sheet metal press brake, shearing machine, press machine, and straightening machine etc, our integrated roll former line can do all the jobs, like sheet bending, cut-off, pressing, straightening and even stacking.The metal sheets are sent to continuous rollers or stands which will apply pressure on each iteration to bend the sheet. This process is continued until we are done with the proffered cross-section.

Cold roll former is always our first choice as long as it comes to the production of steel section products. A roll forming machine can do automatic jobs of bending, cutting, pressing for holes and slots, and straightening etc. Integrated roll forming system has so many advantages over press brake and shearing machines! With the incorporation of rollforming solutions, we can save much more time, working area, money as well as labors.

In which industries are roll forming widely applied in modern age?

As a matter of fact, roll forming is all around us. For example, the racks or shelves for warehouses, the guide rail of rolling shutter doors, the channels on which your car seats slide, the crash barriers alongside the highway, all that fabricated by roll forming equipment. Roll forming appications are necessary in almost any metal based industries today, and is important to get good business. For example, automobile industry, steel building industry, decoration industry, transporation industry, storage industry and traffic industry etc.

  • Automotive & Transport Industry
  • Construction and Building Industry
  • Electrical Industry
  • Storage & Logistics Industry
  • Agriculture Industry
  • Furniture Industry
  • Home Decoration Industry

Insulated sandwich panel production lines produce roofing and wall sandwich panels with thermal materials insulated, like EPS, Rockwool and PU etc for cold areas or regions, or for special purpose.

An ISP (insulated sandwich panel) consists of 3 layers (top metal layer, middle thermal material layer (like EPS/XPS board, Rockwool strips, and Polyurethane or PU foam), and bottom metal layer or aluminum foil layer) like a sandwich, so in many occasions it is named as a sandwich panel as well.

Through an insulated sandwich panel production line, customers is able to make insulated panels or sandwich panels which have been widely applied as roofing, wall panels, decoration exterior or interior wall panels, garage door panels and rolling shutter slats etc.

Auxiliary equipment plays a big role in technical solutions for roll forming incorporation. For example, hydralic decoiler in some cases are technical solutions. re necessary for roll former and sandwich panel line, like hydraulic decoiler (5TONS, 10TONS with a coil car), slitting and cut to length machine line, and a hydraulic curving machine etc.

For example, whenever there is a high speed roll forming machine running on site, a hydraulic decoiler is necessary because manual decoiler pulled by roll former cannot reach the speed and usually no braker will be built on a manual decoiler; another case is on the insulated sandwich panel prdouction line, an auto stackerhas to be placed at back because it’s not possible to lift up a finished PU sandwich panel each every time manually; a slitting and cut to length machine line most of time will be required by the manufacturer of stud and track and so on.